HPLC Columns


Labecx Brand-C18-Aqueous HPLC column is designed for 100% aqueous and polar compounds phase. With strong retention capacity, high selectivity and long retention time.


Unique bonding and end-capping technology
Average sample size & pore size make well flow rate
Perfect peak shape & high peak volume
Pure silica gel ensure high mechanical strength and high specific surface area
Spherical silica gel, good stability, improve separation efficiency and reproducibility
Ultra-dense bonding and double-ended ensure long life
Basic, acidic, and neutral compounds make excellent peak shape
Wide range of pH with long service life
Used with most HPLC instruments


1. No phase collapse; suitable for high aqueous mobile phase
2. C18-Aqueous particularly suitable for organic solvent content of less than 10% of the water mobile phase environment
3. C18-Aqueous surface improves the selectivity to the separation of polar substances, has high retention properties for aqueous compounds
4. Suitable for use in conventional inverting systems and aqueous 100% mobile phase systems
5. Increase retention of polar and water-soluble compounds
6. In drug analysis and LC-MS and combined chemical analysis, there is no need to use ion pair reagents and buffer systems
7. Wide pH range: 1.5-10.0
8. Provide 300 Å pore size for the separation of macromolecular compounds


Separation of biomolecules, metabolites, and drug degradation products such as organic acids, water-soluble vitamins, oligosaccharides, amino acids, small molecules, peptides and small molecules of the nucleoside.