USP 5 Paddle Over Disc

Hanson Style Transdermal Sandwich (USP Apparatus 5 “Paddle Over Disk”) The Transdermal Sandwich is a convenient disk assembly recommended by the FDA for testing patch dosage forms in a standard dissolution test station for USP Apparatus 5 “Paddle Over Disk.” The Transdermal Sandwich consists of a glass watchglass (on which the patch is placed, delivery side up), a 17-mesh PVDF screen (to hold the patch), and PVDF clips to hold the disk assembly together. For use with standard USP 1 liter vessel and paddle. Accommodates patches up to 90 mm diameter. Used on all Hanson dissolution testers or any other standard 1000 ml dissolution vessel 

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Clip, Teflon, for Transdermal Sandwich Set of 4

SKU TD-65-190-205
MPN 65-190-205

Paddle over Disk Assembly, 80mm opening (16 x 16 Mesh Screen)

SKU USP-1002-0132
MPN USP-1002-0132

Transdermal Sandwich for Patch

SKU TD-65-190-092
MPN 65-190-092

Transdermal Sandwich for Patch Set of 6

SKU TD-65-190-093
MPN 65-190-093

USP-5 Apparatus- Stainless Disk

SKU TD-91-030-120
MPN 91-030-120

Watch Glass, 90 mm, for TDS-090

SKU TD-65-030-104
MPN TD-65-030-104